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A DUI lawyer can help you to prove that a police officer made a mistake. Though most people believe that the actions of an officer are going to be accurate most of the time, and they usually are, there are instances in which the officer makes a mistake through his or her own doing or due to circumstances beyond control. When this happens, individuals may be wrongly accused of a crime. It is possible to fight these charges if you hire an attorney with experience to help you to do so.
How Can They Be Wrong?
A DUI lawyer can help you to determine if the police officer made a mistake or if there is some reason, in which the charges you have are incorrect. It is difficult to do this on your own, especially if you do not have any experience fighting a ticket or charge like this. Since driving under the influence is such a significant charge, it pays to take every step possible to keep it off your record.
What could go wrong? There are many potential concerns that can cause this to occur.
- A sobriety test may be improperly used or the officer may have used the wrong method.
- There may be an instance when the police did not seize a blood sample in an approved method - this could include not telling you that you have the right not to submit it.
- In some cases, the failure of reading the Miranda rights to you at the time of arrest is a reason for fighting the charge.
- In some situations, medications or medical conditions can produce a false positive on a test to determine if the individual is under the influence.
- In other situations, a blood test conducted in a private lab may establish that the charge should not have occurred.
- If a breathalyzer was used, a mis-calibration of the device could be at the heart of the problem. This could produce a false positive and therefore lead to charges that are incorrect.
The driving under the influence charge is wrong in many other instances. Take a few minutes to consider your situation. Are you confident that the police officer acted in the best possible way and that the charges you are facing are accurate?
For those who are not sure, hiring a DUI lawyer can help. Find out what the options are, if there are any, as well as what steps you should take to keep that charge off your record. If you do nothing, nothing will change and you will pay fees, face concerns with long-term driving limitations and even deal with jail time. This does not have to be the outcome, though.
When you need a San Jose DUI Lawyer, do some research before choosing your legal defender. Take some time to consider the qualifications of

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