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In case you have had your head in the sand, you need to know that it is no longer legal to have an open container of alcohol in your vehicle in Texas. Legislation went into effect in 2001 making carrying an open container within the reach of the driver or passengers of a vehicle in Texas illegal. If you have been arrested for an open container violation or for DUI while visiting the Alamo, you could need the help of a DUI lawyer in San Antonio.

The enforcement of DUI laws in Texas are largely under the jurisdiction of each individual county. There are some subtle differences that can make a big difference in the way that the law is administered. For this reason, it is very important to have an attorney that is familiar with the local system. If you are arrested in the State Capitol, you will want to have an Austin DUI attorney.

Texas judges may offer some terms of probation that can lower the time you spend in jail and the cost of your fines. You may have to have an interlock device installed on your vehicle. In addition, you will have to take a class or the probation will be revoked. The court can have other terms that must be followed exactly or your probation could be revoked.

Drivers who have received a prior DUI should be very careful that they do not receive subsequent charges for the same crime. A second or third DUI has even more serious consequences than the first. In addition, judges are often not as willing to offer favorable probation terms to drivers who have had more than one charge of DUI.

A Texas DUI can result in having your Driver's License revoked. Losing your privilege to drive can affect your ability to get to and from work. It may be possible for your attorney to help you to get the permission of the court to drive legally to and from your place of work.

Persons that are charged with DUI in Texas may have to spend some time in jail. Jail time may prevent you from your job and in many cases can cause you to lose your job.

In working with a DWI lawyer in San Antonio, you may be able to reduce the time in jail or to arrange for weekends in jail rather than workdays. The fee you pay your Austin DWI attorney may save you a great deal of money later.

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