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Today, it's easier than ever to get charged with the crime of "driving while intoxicated," also known as getting a "DWI." Drunk driving laws are stricter than ever, and if you happen to be charged with a DWI, you're going to need a DC DWI lawyer who specializes in DWI laws to help you navigate the process.
How a lawyer can help you if you're charged with DWI It wasn't always true that drunk driving laws were so strict. These days, that has changed. Although that's helpful in that there are fewer accidents and fewer victims of drunk driving, it also puts some people in a bit of a quandary. The problem is, with drunk driving laws so strict, you may, for example, think you are perfectly fine to drive even though you actually qualify for the charge of driving while intoxicated, or driving "under the influence."
It's difficult for most people to determine whether or not they've had too much to drink so that they are not safe to drive, and that may be the case with you. Similarly, there may be times you are suspected of DWI but in truth are perfectly fine to drive. There may also be times when you are pulled over for DWI and register as "legally drunk," even though you may not be.
In any of the above scenarios, you need a DC DWI lawyer to help you navigate the process so that your rights are protected and you come away with as little damage done to your record and reputation as possible.
Most especially if you're innocent, a DC DWI lawyer can help you get the charges dropped so that you don't have this on your record. Having a DWI on your record can negatively impact you for the rest of your life; for example, prospective employers may not think you are reliable with a DWI in your record, so that this can hurt job prospects literally forever.
Even if it's likely that you're guilty of driving under the influence, a DWI DC attorney can help you get through the process with your rights protected and with as minimal an impact as possible. For example, if this is your first offense, the charges and consequences will likely be much lighter than if you are a habitual DWI offender, and your lawyer can help make sure you'll be charged fairly.
What to do if you're arrested for DWI If you're arrested for DWI, the first thing experts advise you to say is, "I want a lawyer." In other words, exercise your Miranda rights and don't talk to the police without obtaining representation first. Once you have acquired services of a lawyer, he or she will advise you on what you should do next.
Remember that you NEVER have to proceed in any legal situation, including the one you'll find yourself if you're arrested for DWI, without the legal representation given to you by a DC DWI lawyer. Contact your lawyer first, and then proceed based upon his or her advice. Doing so will help make sure that your rights are protected during the entire process if you find yourself under arrest for DWI.

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