A lawyer expert in DWI, or Driving While Intoxicated, law is the most important assistance you can draw on to help you navigate your arrest. A lawyer can turn all that you experienced into the best defense possible. In New York it is illegal to drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs. This means anyone guilty of that crime can face serious criminal penalties, including the loss of New York driving privileges. Since the penalties for a DWI or DUI (Driving under the Influence) can seriously affect your life, it is best to consult an experienced DUI lawyer.
The help of a qualified New York DWI lawyer can provide the best advantage for you to defend yourself against any kind of major DWI charges. A lawyer will support you and help you overcome the consequences of your mistake, so you can move on with your life.
It is good to know as much as possible about DUI or DWI arrest. You may be pulled over and checked for a DWI or DUI in many different circumstances. If an officer notices a dangerous driving pattern, for example. A driving pattern that may cause harm to people may get you stopped by a law enforcement official. You will also be arrested for a DUI or DWI if you cause an accident and an officer finds your alcohol content high. No matter what the reason for the DWI charge, however, you will face penalties.
In New York City, if a person is arrested for a DWI, he or she will face two separate cases. One is a criminal court case in which a person will be charged for driving while intoxicated, and the second is an administrative case where a person will lose his or her driving privileges in the state of New York. If you are arrested for a DWI offense, you need to act against one of two prosecution theories.
Having a qualified DUI attorney will support you in both types of cases. If anyone is arrested for DWI, he or she can consult with a lawyer before deciding whether or not to submit chemical testing. Hiring a skilled DWI attorneycan help you to defend yourself against DWI charges.
In addition, a DWI case can be charged for several other reasons, including a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.15 percent or more; refusing to submit to chemical testing; causing a traffic accident; or fleeing the scene of a DWI accident. To minimize the severity of the penalties, we recommend hiring a Long Island DWI lawyer.

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